Profit report

1. Purpose
The manager can track sales, costs and profit/loss by period or by item. Accordingly, the manager can easily analyze the operation by period or by item and make a more proper business plan.

2. Instruction steps
To view profit report, the manager need to create cost report first, then view the report below:
1. Select Report\Profit, the system will display Business operation report.
2. Enter time to view, click Load data.


  • Sales is calculated on all bills.
  • Cost:
    • Ingredient cost is total stock issue value in period – excluding stock issue and returned goods.
    • Other costs is the costs recognized at Costs.  

3. If you want to view other reports:

    • Click Select report.
    • Select report name and enter information to view. Click OK.

4. Report on Profit by items.


  • Sales is calculated on all bills (excluding promotion amount on bills)
  • Cost is the cost price the user enters. If the user changes cost price, the quantity sold before this change bases on the previous price.
  • CUKCUK.VN provides the following profit report:
No. Report name Description
1 Business Operation The manager can get report on sales and costs to know profit and loss in period, recognize profit in period.
 2 Profit by items
The manager can get report on sales and costs to know which item earns more and make a plan accordingly.
Updated on 19/09/2022

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