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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for cashier:

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Taking order


Checking out


Frequently Asked Questions by Restaurant Manager/Owner

  1. Integrate with online payment gateway iPay88
  2. How to automatically update cost price?
  3. How to get payment with multiple currencies?
  4. How to create and print QR Code for placing delivery items on 5Food?
  5. How to include tax for each serving type?
  6. How to delete a wrong bill in the shift?
  7. How to delete bill after the cashier closes his/her shift?
  8.  Why is quantity of issued ingredients on the software less than that in reality?
  9.  How does the manager authorize the cashier to update price?
  10. How to set menu when the restaurant offers wedding party service?
  11. How to organize promotion program to appreciate VIP guests?
  12.  How to check promotion percentage in each bill?
  13. How to find out how many vouchers have been used?
  14.  If guest pays by card, how to check if money is deposited to the account?
  15.  How to display unit on 58mm-sized or 80mm-sized bill?
  16. How to set layout when there is no fixed table?
  17. How to do if the manager wants to suddenly check if the kitchen/bar processes items in accordance with the recipe?
  18. How to handle when closing balance of inventory is not correct?
  19. How to change item in a combo?
  20. How to edit information on the exported Excel file?
  21. How to enter Ingredient recipe for Modifiers?
  22. What is the difference between packages?
  23. How to set Require Manager to confirm before deleting order or item when the cashier wants to delete item?
  24.  How to set Require Manager to confirm before changing quantity of items upon checking item, checking out?
  25. How not to display details of item by ingredient or by category on menu?
  26. Does the cashier’s PC store sale data?
  27. How to set price of food/drink by area?
  28. What is the condition for applying Offline working mode via a local server?
  29.  How to handle when the quantity of Offline orders is different from that of Online orders
  30. How to delete restaurant data after purchasing license?
  31. How to return deposit when a guests cancels reservation?
  32.  How to handle when stock issue note cannot be created because the number of issued goods is too big
  33. How to set up to require manager’s confirmation when the cashier wants to combine orders, split order, change table or move to other order
  34. How to set up Require manager to confirm upon checking out separately?

Frequently Asked Questions when setting and using printer

Other frequently asked questions:

  1. Which device should be selected for which department?
  2. Basic terms of a network
  3. Common errors upon setting up a network
  4. For the restaurant which uses one network connection and installs a camera, what should they pay attention to?
  5. For a restaurant in offline working mode, can they use CUKCUK if internet connection is disrupted?
  6. Which tablet should be used for which section?
  7. How to prevent playing games and surfing internet in the shift?
  8. Which device should be used for kitchen/bar, tablet or printer?
  9. How to receive orders to be processed if the kitchen does not use any device?
  10. Fix connection error between waitstaff’s mobile phone and cashier’s device upon offline connection
  11. How to set up printer for Kitchen/Bar and cashier using PC/POS
  12. How to set up printer for the cashier using tablet
  13. Why can’t a printer print after several days of working properly?
  14. How to solve the problem that Send/Print order is delayed in peak hours?
  15. When printing any order with 80mm printer, but why does it always print for the length of a A4 paper?
  16. Common printing problems
  17. When the restaurant has 2 cashier’s devices, how to set up printing to kitchen/bar?
  18. How to delete trial data before upgrading to a paid account?
  19. Common problems when installing CUKCUK.VN software
  20. DOTNET FRAMEWORK installation errors
  21. SQL SERVER installation errors
  22. Net Framework Initializaion Error occurs upon opening the program
  23. Assign IP address of access points the same as IP address of the Router
  24. Assign IP address according to MAC address of the local server
Updated on 27/09/2022

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