Support showing QR Code on the bill

The restaurant owners want to print QR Code on the bill so that the guests can scan and make payment quickly. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. On PC, click on the iconand select Settings.

2. Select Printer and template, click Edit.

3. On Printer and template settings for cashier, select Template settings.

4. Select Content tab and check Show image at the footer, the program will show the feature Sharpen QR Code (if applied).

5.Click on the iconto download QR Code and check Sharpen QR Code (if applied).

6. Click Preview to check how the bill looks.

After that, click OK.

7. Click Save to save the settings.

8. After creating order, the cashier gets payment from the guest.

After that, click Print & Accept.

Here is how the bill looks.

Here the guest can use their smart phone to scan the code, and the program will show bank account number, bank name and the payable amount.

The manager can check the number of guests in the shift, average sales by guest and by area
Details of change: Currently, upon closing the shift the program does not update information on the number of guests, average sales by guest and by area. Therefore, as of R111 CUKCUK improves shift report template.
On Close shift/Shift report screen, the program adds the following information:



Number of guests Location: Below Total pay-in cash

Purpose: It shows total number of guests generating sales in the shift.

Sales/Guests Location: Below Number of guests 

Purpose: It shows average sales by guest including bills which did not recognize the number of guests.

Sales/Actual guests Location: Below Sales/Guests

Purpose: It shows average sales by guest only including bills which recognized the number of guests.

Moreover, on Printer settings the program adds Print details on sales by area so the manager can check sales in the shift by area.

Updated on 17/01/2024

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