1. Purpose
Enter list of pay-ins/pay-outs so that the manager/accountant can select a proper pay-in/pay-out note by cash or bank deposit. Then create a report accordingly.

2. Instruction steps

1. Go to Utilities\Pay-in/Pay-out.

  • The software defaults some common pay-ins/pay-outs. The pay-ins/pay-outs with the same nature will be added to one father pay-in/pay-out category. List of pay-ins/pay-outs will be displayed by father-child. 
  • You can click Expand/Shrink to quickly close/open all pay-ins/pay-outs in the list.

2. If the manager wants to track pay-in/pay-out by category not in the list, click Add.

  • (If added pay-in/pay-out category is in the existing pay-in/pay-out category, on Belong to select the father pay-in/pay-out category).

  • When the manager/accountant creates a pay-in/pay-out note, only need to select a pay-in/pay-out category (Only child pay-in/pay-out category is on this list).

  • The manager can view reports on pay-in/pay-out at Report\Pay-in/Pay-out.

Updated on 19/09/2022

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